Choosing The Right Design Fabric

Knowing how to choose the perfect fabric is a critical skill for decorating your home ( Before you start working on a space, take some time to research in books and online on popular motifs and new trends. Once you get an idea of the design you want to achieve, you’re off to a good start. Here’s how to use fabrics in some popular design themes.

Contemporary is one of the most well-known style techniques around. It’s mostly noticed in newer homes because of their contrasting fabrics and bold decor. Modern homes are also known for their larger spaces, which need to be designed and what type of fabrics they choose for this area. If you aren’t quite sure about using brighter colors, then try using them in throw pillows, throws, and even window treatments to get a hint of exactly how color will work for you. A neutral space can be hyped with a few accent colors, which are brighter than the rest of the room’s decor.

You’ll often notice a Victorian theme in older homes that is more feminine and floral along with some beading. These are great areas which can stay the same but with a bit of help. Make sure it’s too floral and use at least two or more fabrics in this room’s design. Velvet is one fabric that you might not use in other rooms themes, but in a more feminine area, this will work perfectly.

Victorian is mostly used in older homes since it was very popular back in the day ( Bright colors such as gold and red are great accent colors for Victorian themed rooms. Also, don’t get too caught up on how busy the room seems since that is one of the great aspects of a Victorian theme; the busier, the better in most cases. Deeper and darker colors are a great factor to tie in with the area rug in a Victorian design.

Oriental-themed rooms are growing day by day with their silk inspired, clean-lined wood furniture looks. They are functional yet cozy for many since they are more on the neutral palette. Adding great decor, which ties in the Chinese theme, will be a great investment in this type of room. Ivory, red, and jade green are the three most popular colors in an oriental room for its accents.

Fabrics are mostly accent pieces and textures to any room design. Make sure you are aware of the color schemes for the design which you want to accomplish. You don’t want too many fabric styles tied into one room since it may seem sloppy and disorganized to some. Try to keep it simple yet on track with the theme which you desire.

The last step in your design is a great area rug. This will provide yet another texture along with color. Try choosing something which you wouldn’t before since it may just fit perfectly into your room’s design.