The Benefits of Fabric Cladding Your Building

We’ve all seen buildings with fabric cladding wrapped around them, and possibly wondered why the owner of the building had put the material up. This article explains exactly why they do so and what is in it for them.


Fabric cladding stands out from every other building on the street. Because most buildings are much drabber after a short period of time, those ones that are wrapped in fabric really look different. This means that they become more noticeable, and consequently, business owner within the building may look to put their own advertising and logo on the cladding in order to their brand and to increase awareness of their company. All of a sudden, the building isn’t just somewhere the employees come to do their jobs; it’s an opportunity to tell the world exactly who you are and what you stand for. And almost every business likes the opportunity to do that.


Businesses like to make money, but just as much they like to save money on outgoings over which they have no control. Heating is something that pretty much every office has to pay for during the colder winter months, however by fabric cladding your building, and you can make saving straight off.

Because the building is effectively wrapped in a layer of fabric, it’s a bit like it’s wearing a sweater, and we all know that when we don’t want to put the heating on, we just put on more clothes. Fabric cladding is just like that for buildings.

More Productive Staff

You ever worked in an office where you stare out the window all day, unable to concentrate because you are watching the world go by. If not, then it’s probably because you’ve not had the luxury of a window seat. Furthermore, when something does happen outside quite often, the person sitting next to the window will alert everyone else to it, distracting them from their work and costing the business money. This can be from as shocking as a car accident to as mundane as snow.

But businesses with fabric cladding don’t suffer from this problem because their workers cannot see outside. They can’t alert others to what’s going on because they don’t know, and their not distracted by a busy street because all they can see is the inside of your beautiful fabric cladding.